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Top 7 YouTube Channels to Learn Popping

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Top 7 YouTube Channels to Learn Popping

Post by Kynamic on Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:59 am

1. El Tiro

Adrian Brambila, aka El Tiro, is one of the biggest names in the game when it comes to the dance scene on YouTube. With over 50,000 subscribers and over 7,000,000 views, Adrian has been featured multiple times on ItsMRich, toured with singer/songwriter T-Pain, and even featured on Walmart's channel to promote one of their products! (Here). El Tiro currently has over 200 videos uploaded teaching you everything you need to know about popping: From how to improve your tutting form to how to master the build-up in a dubstep song (video below). He also offers premium tutorials on his website, where you can also find more information about him as well.

2. TheRussianTiger

Jeffrey Vinokur, or better known as TheRussianTiger is probably the most well known on this list. Holding the record with currently 89,981 subscribers and 23,091,052 views, he is a YouTube dance giant. Jeffrey currently hosts 8 tutorials on his channel and much more on other YouTube channels. Besides his YouTube presence, however, Jeffrey hosts most of his tutorials on his website,, where he offers two packages: Basic Popping and Freestyle Popping, both listed for $19.95. TheRussianTiger has been featured in lots of performances that you can also find listed on his YouTube channel.

3. James Barry

James Barry is one of the best lesser-known YouTubers on this list. With about 9,000 subscribers, he currently offers 40 or so videos teaching a variety of different aspects of the dance style popping. He is also unique in the fact that he isn't just a great teacher, but he is also hilarious, making his videos not only entertaining to watch but more enjoyable as well! He offers of variety of tutorials covering the basics of popping, isolations and waving, to more advanced tutorials including floor moves, animatronics and strobing. He is a great option if you are just starting out, and a great option to start building your popping foundation! You can visit his website ( to find out more about him and his crew.

4. Muzicsoulrhythm/ROCKBEATSTV

Shawn Phan, owner of both Muzicsoulrhythm and ROCKBEATSTV has been a dancer on YouTube for about 8 years now (as of 2015). He started making dance tutorials back in 2007 and has been doing so ever since. Shawn is very respected for his humble personality and passion for dance and teaching others that he expresses in his videos.He doesn't only offer videos teaching popping, but tutorials for many different dance styles, as well as videos discussing dance in general. He is a great option for those looking for more than just dance tutorials, but advice, tips and tricks on dancing, musicality, originality, and more. You can find him on his facebook page here:

5. Inventfmc

Invent is another great popper and popping teacher on YouTube. He originally hosted his tutorials on (no longer active) for $2 but moved them to YouTube to watch for free. He offers a 6 video course on the basics and fundamentals of popping, which gives you everything you need if you are just getting started. Besides his learntopop course, he offers a few more tutorials on his channel, such as his dedicated body wave tutorial, and his video covering Hitting, Fresno, Dimestopping, Airposing and Strobing.

6. Popping Dance Academy

Tommy 'Hypno' Chan has been making YouTube videos ever since YouTube itself it was created. He has over 200 videos explaining everything from how to air walk to how to do a head isolation. Hypno used to be well known for his DVD tutorials but has recently switched over to online courses where you can find hundreds of premium tutorials ( One thing that makes different from the rest of the people on this list is the fact that he also offers free premium tutorials on his website! He recommends you start there vs. his YouTube channel where he has set up his system called The Core 4 Techniques, which he says is the best way to learn to pop.

7. Otis Funkmeyer - the Professor of Popping

Otis Funkmeyer is another option for poppers of all levels. He offers tutorials that really stress foundation and a more traditional form of popping. He is also very funny to watch, making his videos enjoyable as well. Otis currently has about 80 videos, 5,000 subscribers and 800,000 views. Otis was a big part of the dance scene in LA in the early 2000s, he rented an apartment with other big poppers such as MaddChadd and JRock. Many different dancers off all backgrounds would come and stay from time ti time such as Boppin Andre, PopTart and BBoy Ivan. You can find out more about Otis on his website:

Who is your favorite on the list? Comment your answer below Surprised

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