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Nonstop's Guide to Shooting a YouTube Dance Video

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Nonstop's Guide to Shooting a YouTube Dance Video

Post by Kynamic on Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:22 pm

Nonstop's Guide to Shooting a YouTube Dance Video

Marquese Scott, aka Nonstop's guide to shooting a YouTube dance video. He is hands down the most popular dancer on YouTube, so it's awesome that he shared what goes into making his videos. Below is the video he made as well at a text version of his tutorial.

(Link to video for mobile users: Here)

1. Grab Materials:

  1. A Camera
  2. A Tripod
  3. A Speaker (jam-box, or something to play your music with)
  4. A Computer (With iMovie or any other video editing software)

I. Recording

1. Pick Your Song and Location

  • Once you've picked your song, play it in your car on repeat while you're scouting for locations.
  • Look for a location that looks feels like the song. Say "How is that?"
  • It's usually better if you go out at a time when there aren't a lot of people out and about (ex. early Saturday morning)
  • Once you've found your location, be sure to check that you aren't on someone's property and don't forget your gear!

2. Setting Up Your Scene

  • When setting up your scene, think of two things: 1.Where is the sun shining and 2.Where are the shadows.
  • When shooting videos, you always want to be in the sun as much as possible and for the sun to be in front of you.
  • Possition your camera wisely. Putting your camera at an angle that gives your background more depth, dimension and an overall more cinematic look will make your entire dance video look better in its final stage. Make it look dope!
  • Attach your camera to your tripod. Make sure you are nice and level, and your camera is far enough away so that your entire body will be visible.
  • You can play with the zoom and camera settings until it's set to the way you like. Don't overdo it!

3. Final Touches

  • Make sure your speaker is paired to your phone, or your music playing device is ready.
  • Put your speaker/device in a spot that is close to you but isn't visible on your shot.
  • Start your song and have it on repeat. Put it towards the end of the song so that it will automatically start playing your song again.

4. Dance!

  • Make sure your camera is recording, and dance!!
  • *Optional Step: Before you leave your location, take a thumbnail picture of you looking cool on your set. That way you can use this for YouTube without having to screenshot your video.

II. Editing

1. Setting Up

  • Export your footage onto your computer from your camera, and import it into your video editing software.
  • Download your song, and import it into your video editor as well.

2. The Editing

  • Drag both files into your timeline, and try to line up your song with the audio on your original video.
  • Set the volume of the original video to 0.
  • Don't forget to clip the beginning of your video to when the music actually starts!
  • Export, Render and Upload!

Link to Marquese's channel:

-Kynamic Exclamation

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